Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank, White

Updated at 1/10/2016 16:56:10 - Details

mominsanrafael We ordered this for our daughter and it is very cute, but straight out of the package had scratches on several places and a black smudge that would not come off. I do like the look of it so I am going to exchange it and hope that the new one is better made (and if so will update this review!)

kirnacopia This looks great and it is the perfect size for baby's first piggy bank but i ordered it with a bunch of other items and it came with no packing and when I opened the box it was smashed. I had to return it to Babies R Us who doesn't carry the product in the store. I ended up buying a different one at another chain store.

Manda This is such a cute addition to the kids room. The silver color is really nice.


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Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank, White

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